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May 14, 2010

Print Dead, Paper Eternal

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Print has been such an important component with making history remembered. Print is part of many cultures who write about old folk tales and their beliefs. It is a way for man kind to communicate to one another whether it be in the present time or off in the near future.

Print has definitely has come along way from writing with a simple feather, ink, and hand made paper to laptops and hand held sets. Technology has definitely changed the way people read content now. We used to get news by buying the local newspaper, but now we just use our devices to get on the internet to find out the news.

We all were use to having magazine subscriptions and buying books to read and pass time. Now in the present time we are changing all this by having convenient devices like the kindle or i Pad that allow us to upload books or news content .

I do think that print has come along way now with technology but I don’t see traditional print going away any time soon. Traditional print in my opinion is easier to comprehend more and I am able to write notes on the side to remind me of what is going on.I enjoy reading print with the physical presence of paper and ink.


April 22, 2010

Either on the Web or Nothing

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“If it isn’t on the Web, it doesn’t exist.” by Tim Berners-Lee.

I find myself utilizing the web more then I would like to admit.  When I find myself not knowing a certain term or knowledge about a particular subject I search for it on the web. It has become almost has become one of daily habits.

My roommates and I always seem to watch many movies during the week. Whether it be on the weekends or at night time during the week days. We always see familiar actors and actresses in different shows and movies. We have this thing where we search the actors name and other performances that they have appeared.

Everyone utilizes the web to search and look up some random fact right away. It has even got to the point where we are using the mobile web to prove a point or look something up.

The internet is a must because it has become such a vital part of our lives. Whether it be for leisure time or business related.

Businesses use the internet to establish a website and get recognized by other individuals. If you can’t find it on the internet then your straight out of luck because everything is on the web.

April 15, 2010

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Illiteracy is a common problem the America is facing today. More and more people are not being able to read enough to understand things as the live their daily lives. The definition of illiteracy is the condition of not being able to read or write.

Illiteracy usually happens when a student drops out of school at an early age. They can also blame the lazy teachers who kept on passing the student to the next grade level even though they could not read.

Students spend an average of  41% of the school day on basic academics. In an American high school you spend 1,460 hours-on subjects like math, science, and history. While in other countries like France and Germany spend 3,280 hours and 3,528 hours of academic studying and reading  outside the classroom time.

We need to take care of this manner because we are suppose to be intelligent and one of the dominant countries in the world. So why is that we are having these issues? I think a lot has to do with students these days are dropping out of school early age.

I just think that it is sad if one can’t go about your day without struggling to read the street signs. We use reading for everything we do whether it be street signs, bulletin advertisements, and so on.

April 13, 2010

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Discovering yourself  Online

Can you imagine another person with your exact name who seems to be doing better in life then you are as you search for them on Google. It is weird to think about other people being more successful or popular with your exact same name.

By Lisa Heyamoto

Monday , April 12, 2010

The Sacramento Bee

Right now, Lynn Keane is out there somewhere, going about her business, being Lynn Keane.

Which Lynn Keane finds a little weird.

Even weirder, there are three or four Lynn Keanes walking around in their respective Lynn Keane worlds, living completely different lives from the Lynn Keane in question – the Lynn Keane who is a 42-year-old real estate investor from Gold River who, until recently, hadn’t even considered the possibility of there being a band of rogue Lynn Keanes.

One of them, she knows, is in her 30s and lives on the East Coast. Another is a 50-something sports psychologist who puts on a benefit 10K every year. A third lives in Britain, but Keane doesn’t know much about her.

How does she know any of this stuff at all? The same way any of us know anything these days – she Googled it.

More accurately, she Googled herself – performing that quiet act of vanity we all undertake when we think no one’s looking, just to see where we rank in the World According to a Search Engine.

Human Behavior

It’s a very human impulse, says Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University in New York and, he might add, one of three Robert Thompsons at Syracuse alone.

“There is this natural tendency that you want to know that you’re part of the record,” he says. “One Googles oneself for the same reason one gets up really early in the morning in subzero temperatures and stands in front ofthe window of the ‘Today’ show, so that someone might see you waving a sign (on TV).”

But what starts as an act of validation can sometimes end up being  just the opposite.

Rebecca Roush Googled herself, expecting to be rewarded with a laundry list of her own accomplishments. Instead, she was introduced to some other Rebecca Roush, a limelight-stealing, attention-hogging, clearly

overachieving Rebecca Roush who selfishly dominated the entries.

Using Google, Discovering Google Twins

She had discovered her Google Twin – that person who shares her name and her Google entry, and with whom she is saddled in the annals of Internet history like siblings forced to share a room.

“There is something offsetting about finding your Google Twin,” the Davis resident says in an e-mail.
“It’s like all of your attempts at individuality get swept away.”
Most people will probably never meet their Google Twin. Some are only children. And some, like Thompson, have so many twins that it’s not even worth it to care. Unless, of course, one of them is stealing your identity.
But those with an unusual but not-too- unusual name know all about their twins, and they develop odd little relationships with them whether their duplicates know it or not.
Sometimes, we’ve got nothing but love for them. Sacramentans Aleta Carpenter and Amy McAllaster, for example, feel a certain affinity for their digital döppelgangers because they share unusual names and spellings.

Sometimes, we wish they would keep their distance.

Goggle Twin Rivalry

Karen Sandler, a 52-year-old novelist from Cameron Park, is slightly bitter at her Google Twin, who snapped up the preferable domain name and stuck her with a dreaded dot-net address.
And sometimes, we’re downright resentful of these impostors who have stolen the glory that is rightfully ours.
“I started to get angry at my Google Twin,” Roush says. “What right did she have to be more popular than me?”

No right at all, she ultimately decided, and began bombarding her own Web site with hits in an attempt to outrank a twin who, in her mind, had begun to qualify as evil.

OK, so now it’s starting to feel a little like sibling rivalry. But, even stranger than the way we feel about our Google Twins is how much we sometimes have in common with them.

The Gold River Lynn Keane is a triathlete. So is the East Coast Lynn Keane and the sports psychologist Lynn Keane.

The Sacramento Jeff Byrd attended the same college at the same time as the Florida Jeff Byrd, and both have three sons the same age.

And the Mary Watanabe of Elk Grove, like the Mary Watanabe who works at Stanford University, is white but has a Japanese surname by marriage. And – get this – they both have red hair.

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April 9, 2010

Reading Material in the Future

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As times go by I realize how much the web has taken over reading material for books. Traditionally we are all use to having a hard copy in front of us when we are reading. Now many textbooks offer an online version that one can purchase for half the price of the actual textbook

The web has had a great impact on books and traditional reading for now it is easily accessible to anyone. The web is indeed changing our reading habits and I feel that we are becoming more use to the idea of reading content online then on hard copy.

When given an assignment we as college students do all of our research online with the use of a computer. We may be sitting in the library searching away for content on the internet but we never seem to use books in the library. It is as if we don’t even need books anymore unless they are mandatory for class.

For me personally I would rather have a hard copy in front of me to read because it makes it easier to fallow and I can carry it around with me in case I need to look something up.

I feel that the future for our eyesight is going to be affected by all the long hours that we spend reading content on the computer. I don’t want my eyesight to be affected in the long run.

March 25, 2010

Outdated and Old News

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When you are on your computer and using a search engine to look up information you end up with many articles on that particular topic. What is frustrating is that you end up with outdated information.

Outdated information is left on the web for years to come.  So this means that if I post a blog or comment it is circulating around the world wide web for years to fallow.

I decided to search my name on Google’s search engine and I came to find out that their are  old statistics still posted on the web from when I ran track in high school back in 2005.

Content on the web that is written about you seems to lurk up even after years have passed. We have to watch out what we comment and right about or selves because in the long run it might end up affecting us.

I even came to find an old article that was written about me in high school. In one of the quotes that i told the reporter made me  sound ridiculous. I was really young and immature. You have to be careful of what you tell reporters because they will write every word you say.

Looking back at this I wish I would have been aware that what I said years ago. People will be able to look up my name and find the article when I was young and stupid. I don’t want them to get a first impression of me over an article and quote I said years ago.

March 4, 2010

Community Community!

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As I sit here and ponder about what is a community? Many thoughts come racing to mind. What exactly does it take to get a community started? Is it just a group of people who share a common interest or a group of people who just want to join a group or clique to be accepted?

A  community is defined as a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

When thinking about a community the first issue that pops to mind is all the people living with in the city I reside in. We all have to share the streets, markets, parks , and etc. This is such a large community to meet the needs of each individual.

There are communities with in larger communities due to the fact that people all have different interests. It is easier to focus on a smaller group then it is a larger community. You can discuss issues more in depth with a smaller group. It is harder to voice everyone’s opinion in such a large community.

Communities currently are using technology to expand and reach out to individual people who share their communities common interests. For example their are discussion topics and chat groups that you can enter and discuss whats on your mind to an entire online community. Your opinion is being posted on the internet or just read by an individual whom you decide to chat with.

February 25, 2010

No Internet OMG!

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Wow no internet what will I do to pass the time when I am bored throughout my day.  Loosing the internet in the North American continent would change the life of a college student completely for we have gotten so accustom to our internet consumption.

Internet consumption is especially at it’s peak for college students who are forced to use the internet for class discussion,  to turn in an assignments, to do class work online, and to write papers. Do college students have internet dependence because of their constant internet consumption due to school?

I have to admit that I spend countless hours surfing the world wide web whether it be on my desktop at home, my roommates lab top or when I find myself bored in class. I check my two email accounts and surf the internet throughout the course of the entire day.The internet is a huge part of my life currently so having internet failure would be extremely frustrating.

For college students the internet is an essential tool needed to get your work done and makes life easier. It is also our way of socializing among our friends through social networking sites to keep updated on how everyone is doing.

College students I’d have to say are one the leaders in internet consumption due to the fact we use it for school, have the latest technologies to access the internet, and we are addicted to social networking.

February 19, 2010

Authorties and Their Censorship

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As is sit here and ponder about how the government likes to hide many major events that occur from the public. Can it be true that our government can be censoring internet or even listening to our conversations by phone.

When looking at the government of third world countries we can see that they indeed to  do have censorship going on. Some countries like Cuba have a dictator who runs the entire country on his terms. They still have daily driven cars that are classics from the 50’s and 60’s because Fidel Castro the dictator of Cuba does want a change.

Me personally having family of Cuban decent has seen how strict Fidel Castro is on censorship when it comes to his people. He only allows certain television channels,  radio stations, and filters their internet sites .  Castro doesn’t allow the Cuban people to have news from other countries because he wants to still be able to control them.

When my uncle travel to Cuba to see is family he allows takes bags and bags of household products and clothes. Every time he gets to Cuba the have they inspects his bags and don’t allow certain products or clothing inside of Cuba. I cannot image having a government that mandates everything that I do.

With technology advancing companies and advertisers are filtering our news. They are following us around like stalkers on all of our visited sites on the internet. This makes me a little creeped out with someone following my every move on sites.

February 12, 2010

Technological Impact

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Technology is advancing everyday and making us adapt to these new changes. It seems as if everyday some new product is coming out and sharing to the world how much better this product is then the last product that just came out months or days ago.

Technology is changing journalism because it is no longer needed to get news through a newspaper. We can find a posting online and be just as informed. Currently with the Winter Olympics going on we as fans can follow our favorite athlete or athletes.

We can log on to out social networking site (Facebook , MySpace, etc.) and find out what our athlete are doing or where they will be competing. This allows fans to learn more about their favorite athlete’s and their daily activities. This also allows for athletes to become known and recognized by more people.

Technology is also changing the curriculum taught to journalism major’s in college. Journalism major’s now have to be well-rounded with using computers and certain types of software like: Adobe Reader, Avid New Cutter, etc.

Colleges have expanded their journalism programs by adding multimedia studies. Being a journalist these days means being aware of what new products are out there and how to use those products.

Journalism is in fact being affected by technology but in a positive way by allowing technology to help you out.

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