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February 19, 2010

Authorties and Their Censorship

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As is sit here and ponder about how the government likes to hide many major events that occur from the public. Can it be true that our government can be censoring internet or even listening to our conversations by phone.

When looking at the government of third world countries we can see that they indeed to  do have censorship going on. Some countries like Cuba have a dictator who runs the entire country on his terms. They still have daily driven cars that are classics from the 50’s and 60’s because Fidel Castro the dictator of Cuba does want a change.

Me personally having family of Cuban decent has seen how strict Fidel Castro is on censorship when it comes to his people. He only allows certain television channels,  radio stations, and filters their internet sites .  Castro doesn’t allow the Cuban people to have news from other countries because he wants to still be able to control them.

When my uncle travel to Cuba to see is family he allows takes bags and bags of household products and clothes. Every time he gets to Cuba the have they inspects his bags and don’t allow certain products or clothing inside of Cuba. I cannot image having a government that mandates everything that I do.

With technology advancing companies and advertisers are filtering our news. They are following us around like stalkers on all of our visited sites on the internet. This makes me a little creeped out with someone following my every move on sites.


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