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April 15, 2010

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Illiteracy is a common problem the America is facing today. More and more people are not being able to read enough to understand things as the live their daily lives. The definition of illiteracy is the condition of not being able to read or write.

Illiteracy usually happens when a student drops out of school at an early age. They can also blame the lazy teachers who kept on passing the student to the next grade level even though they could not read.

Students spend an average of  41% of the school day on basic academics. In an American high school you spend 1,460 hours-on subjects like math, science, and history. While in other countries like France and Germany spend 3,280 hours and 3,528 hours of academic studying and reading  outside the classroom time.

We need to take care of this manner because we are suppose to be intelligent and one of the dominant countries in the world. So why is that we are having these issues? I think a lot has to do with students these days are dropping out of school early age.

I just think that it is sad if one can’t go about your day without struggling to read the street signs. We use reading for everything we do whether it be street signs, bulletin advertisements, and so on.


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